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Debunking Limits to Growth

This  is a talk I gave at a Monthly Argument debate back in June at the Royal Oak Hotel in Fitzroy. There is a widespread view among greenies that continued economic growth is impossible because of ecological and resource limits.  If this were true, it would be a very sorry state of affairs given the generally… Continue reading Debunking Limits to Growth

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GM crops under seige

I am a big supporter of genetically modified (GM) crops and quite horrified at how both research and adoption has been strangled by its opponents.  I have just noticed this two year-old blog post by Leigh Phillips that does a fair job of defending GM and excoriating its opponents. This was particularly particularly outrageous: The next month, a 30-year-old research… Continue reading GM crops under seige

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R&D elephant in the room starting to be noticed

The only rational response to dealing with greenhouse emissions appears to be gaining some traction at last. I am talking about the need to do a hell of a lot of R&D if you want to make emission free energy economic. Renewable energy is a joke until we invent cheap storage. In particular there is the… Continue reading R&D elephant in the room starting to be noticed